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   OmegaHertz is Dimitrios Pouranis, music producer and composer from Greece, creating music since 1996, with first web-release appearance 2003 and worldwide CD release, early at 2004. Record labels like Elxis discographic, Unicorn music, Dimensional records and more other, have host his music, in goa trance and psychedelic trance style, plus releases in other genres like, chill out and downtempo. From then till today he releasing new music and performing live shows, with great success, all around the human world, on several musical events and festivals.

   An artist who characterized like a brilliant performer of vocal, live and electronic instruments, of many kinds, like keyboards, wind instruments, flutes, chords, and many more. With his unique style of music as axis in his life and career until today, has a lot of superb releases as also albums and outstanding live performances, representing a positive feeling and choice of a lot of people around our world and not only!

   From 1990, Dimitrios was captivated from the electronic music, which has came back from 70’s and 80’s.

   1994 as young child occupied with electronic music, massively. This was the time he started playing amateur as cassette jockey to private parties. Having a lot of musical hearings almost from every musical genre it was existed till then.

   1996 the same time, he was forming several groups of lot different music genres, became known to this artist, the music “explosion”, Goa Trance. Almost instantly became frame and respect to his music expression. Therefore then, experimenting with several music hardware and software, has started producing music.    1998 essentially starts realizing Goa and Psychedelic trance. Also is working in several other genres like chill out and downtempo. Also starts working as Disc jockey professionally at several nightclubs.

   After lot of experimentation and unreleased music stock, under several artistic titles, 2003, in Januay of the same year, releases " Dreamcatcher" and " Theogenesis" music tracks via internet in collaboration with Unicorn music and their web releases.

   2004 did his first presence in discography with the, goa track "Elxis", under the artistic title "OmegaHertz", in he v/a "Conspiracy 2”, of the same music label. The same year as a lot of other releases, releases his psy-chill track “Nostos” for cosmicleaf records, having a huge success.

   2005 music tracks like “Ionian seas”, and “Cosmovatis”, become favorites, and climbs at the highest of the chill out and downtempo charts.

   2006 Is studding, music technology-sound and mastering engineering, having a bachelor degree on this science. He releases his first versus album and great success “Purple Energy 2” with “Goasia”, music project. He is also composing music on behalf of several tv channels and its shows.

   2007 Continues collaborating with third party individuals on music. A lot of musical groups by several genres and purposes, passes successfully through the mixers and sound processors of Ikaros lab for mastering and sound engineering, (till today).

   2008 makes also his first compilation in collaboration with Kagdila records, with the title “Pure planet 3, compiled by OmegaHertz”, with a roster of very talented. The 12th month, founded the record label, Elxis Discographic and,

   2009, 10th of July, releases, his debut goa-psychedelic trance, 12 track album, "Anamorfoplasis" and for the first time participates the glorious singer Silvie P. and great personalities like Anna A, Anastasia Alexiou.

   2011 after a lot of difficulties, delays and an intermediate loss of a whole 10+ track album data, OmegaHertz gathers all his powers and with the true love of his supporters, hurls the exploding 14 track album "Valsamon", with the historical participations of Silvie P-(Sing), Di van Po-(sing) Anastasia Alexiou-(lyrics), Maria Papavasiliou-(lyrics, voice).

   2013 finds, OmegaHertz, giving to the people his great “Gamma Sirius” album, at the end of the same year the unique extraordinary "Deca" and the superb ep "Entropia" by Spacedock records.

   2014 delivers the unique "Spacewalker" in collaboration with Space Baby records in autumn his pure Goa trance "Esther Maslul" album with dimensional once more...plus lot of more incredible releases, and he goes on and on!

   2015 comes with the pure Goa TRANCE album "Stax" plus "Tuning To Dimensions" , ep album repeats the successful collaboration with Spacedock records, and agitates the dancefloors all over the world...

   Through years he is working and studding about Pythagorean music and harmony of celestial spheres, ancient and traditional music theory, compose of music, of musical instruments and also has been exposition overseer for global modern, music technology.

   The artistic title "OmegaHertz" comes from the syllabication of, the 24th letter from Hellenic alphabet, “ΩΜΕΓΑ”(OMEGA) – "Ω", and the word -name of the known scientist, physicist and electronic engineer, Heinrich Rudolf "Hertz". "Omega" means the total, the start and the end, defines something great, something eternal. "Hertz" comes from the S.I. measuring unit of frequencies, is in a few words a honor of to the same scientist, and also one subject of work, in connection with waveforms, generally in relation with the product sound of a musician…
   Check official facebook.com/OmegaHertz for the latest news and updates! Stay Tuned for the next...
         Trance Goa / Psychedelic
      Personal LP Albums
Stax_2015_dimensional records

full album
Esther Maslul_2014_dimensional records

full album
Deca_2013_dimensional records

full album
Gamma Sirius_2013_elxis discographic

full album
Valsamon _2011_elxis discographic

full album
Anamorfoplasis _2009_elxis discographic

full album
      Versus Albums
Purple Energy 2 _2006_unicorn music

full album
Connection _2016_space baby records

      Personal Single / EP Albums
No Time No Space_2021_elxis discographic
Sea Of Rainbow Dust_2021_elxis discographic
Prove It_2021_elxis discographic
Accelerating Universe_2021_elxis discographic
Contacts of Penumbra_2021_elxis discographic
The Day I Saw_2021_elxis discographic
Cassiopeia A_2021_elxis discographic
Goa Core_2021_elxis discographic
Acting without the Master_2021_elxis discographic
Tuning To Dimensions _2015_spacedock records

full album
Spacewalker _2014_space baby records

full album
Entropia _2013_spacedock records

full album
Holy water
      Compilations by OmegaHertz
Pure Planet 3 compiled by OmegaHertz _2009_kagdila records

single tracks
      Compilations by others
Goa trance legacy2
Goa trance legacy1
604 Syndroms
Magic Dew _2009_space baby records

full album
Shamanisma _2008_space baby records

single tracks
Perfect Goa & Psy _2008_rmg records, tranceport licensing, sensorica music

single tracks
Pure Planet 2 _2007_kagdila records

single tracks
Gravity 2 _2004_freeze mgn

single tracks
Good Mood _2004_unicorn music

single tracks
Conspirasy 2 _2004_unicorn music

single tracks
         Chill / Downtempo
      Compilations by others
Love and Love _2012_rmg records, tranceport licensing

single tracks
Chillout Dreams _2011_rmg records

single tracks
Perfect chill out vol. 3_2008_rmg records, tranceport licensing

single tracks
Perfect chill out vol. 2_2008_rmg records, tranceport licensing

single tracks
Chill on ice - second edition _2006_cosmicleaf records

full album
Nova Natura _2005_cosmicleaf records

full album
Fragile life _2005_cosmicleaf records

single tracks
Chill on ice _2004_cosmicleaf records

full album

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